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Fidelita Salon

Fidelitas (from Latin - "fidelity") - customer loyalty, scale, a qualitative measure of the degree of customer support for a particular brand or product / service. It is the result of customers' satisfaction with the goods / services of their chosen brand, which leads to an increase in the volume of sales of these goods / services.

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About the application

FIDELITA SALON сconsists of two components: a mobile application that your customers use, and Administrator part which is implemented as a separate web-application.

Fidelita Salon
Fidelita Salon Admin Panel

The mobile application will help you achieve the desired goals:

Mobile application «FIDELITA SALON»
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Floor 12 Apps provides a unique opportunity to attract new customers, retain customers and increase profits for your business with the FIDELITA SALON mobile application. The mobile application is an individual approach to each user, as well as the opportunity to brand the business and automate the processes in it.

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Subscription fee

ready mobile solution for your business. We create for you an application based on FIDELITA SALON. Publish your mobile application for FREE. For using the application, a subscription fee is charged. The subscription fee also includes staff training and technical support for the entire period of use.

Development of mobile applications
on the Android and iOS platform

Each of the platforms for mobile applications has its own target audience. The concept of presence on all platforms that your audience uses is the most promising. The development of mobile applications for iOS and Android will help the development of your business and increase customer loyalty.