Mobile solution
for personnel monitoring

Imperium - an effective tool for controlling your representatives, which will be a few steps ahead of competitors.

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About the application

Imperium gives you the opportunity to create your team and monitor their actions. Get statistical data and make decisions for optimization.

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The mobile application will help you achieve the desired goals:

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Floor 12 Apps provides a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency of the company's personnel. With the help of GPS navigation you can monitor and track where the employee is located and whether he performed the task on the given object.

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Subscription fee

IMPERIUM is a ready-made mobile solution for your business.
You can use the free version of IMPERIUM Lite or install the PRO version.
The subscription fee is charged for using the IMPERIUM PRO application. The subscription fee also includes staff training and technical support.
For more detailed information please call or write to e-mail.

Development of mobile applications
on the Android and iOS platform

Each of the platforms for mobile applications has its own target audience. The concept of presence on all platforms that your audience uses is the most promising. The development of mobile applications for iOS and Android will help the development of your business and increase customer loyalty.